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Famous People Often Fail Miserably Before Getting Their Big Break

Famous People Often Fail Miserably Before Getting Their Big Break

Harrison Ford arrived in Hollywood in 1964 and took small parts in movies paying as little as $150 per week. Finally, in 1970, he gave up acting and became a self-taught carpenter in order to support his wife and two children. He got quite good at carpentry and built a number of projects for high-profile clients like Sally Kellerman and Sergio Mendes. He had to support his family after all and create abundance where he could.

He met George Lucas while working as a carpenter and was cast in his first movie, American Graffiti. That was the beginning of a very long and prosperous career for both Ford and Lucas. Imagine if Ford had just given up and worked at carpentry the rest of his life.

Failure often comes to everyone. It might be a business failure, a divorce or the loss of loved one. This type of situation could be the beginning of a long and painful addiction of some sort. You could spend years in self-pity and self-destructive behavior.

Or you could take a month or two to rest up and regroup and then get back in the game. Just because you failed in the world of accounting doesn’t mean you’ll fail at everything. Just because one marriage fell apart doesn’t mean you should give up on love.

Create Abundance by Zhang Xinyue offers some help. The book is for individuals who want to live a life where they create abundance. Learning to meditate is one of the useful suggestions. This is beneficial for everyday anxiety. This book’s advice can help you stay focused on running your business.