Is ISO certification important?

Is ISO certification important?

Almost any organization knows that in order to keep its customers happy, and to make to it to the top of the heap in their industry, quality is paramount to getting there. And so, in order to be compliant to the highest quality standards and to provide their customers assurance that their products or services are of the highest quality, they often resort to obtaining an ISO certification, after which they are free to declare publicly that they are ‘ISO certified’, almost always resulting in more sales and profits.

However, it does not end here as with globalization being a major focus of most organizations these days, there are other standards of quality just like the CE certification mark that will authorize any product to be sold in the European Economic Area as it has met the stringent safety, health or environmental requirements.

While these two certifications focus on the quality of a product or service, there is another quality standard that focuses on environmental management. Also known as the ISO 14000, this type of certification monitors an organization’s systems put in place so that the ‘environment’ is not disturbed or harmed by exploitation that may occur due to the global emphasis that the nations around the world are now placing on the ‘go green’ factor.

So, as an organization, it is obvious that you will stand to gain from these quality systems not only in terms of improving productivity but also increasing profits the right way.

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