Top 3 Tips to Improve Operator Efficiency

Top 3 Tips to Improve Operator Efficiency

Summary: The amount of increased productivity a command center can bring to an organization depends on how integrated it is.


Command centers can get implemented into a wide variety of different organizations, from ad agencies to sports stadiums. These centers use some of the most advanced technology on the market to connect companies to their data and any critical information that must be brought to their attention.


If you want your operations center to be as useful as possible, there are tips you can follow to improve operator efficiency.


  1. Practice: A simple yet oftentimes overlooked aspect of efficiency is practice. Operations centers are fast-paced environments that can be stressful and overwhelming for someone who has not had enough time to get comfortable with using the system both quickly and effectively. Learn the different commands and macros to navigate the center with confidence.


  1. Reliable hardware: Another important tip for efficient work in your command center workstations is to have reliable and robust hardware. Since there will be many processes working simultaneously and information from different sources coming together, it should come as no surprise that many things need to work for it all to function smoothly. The hardware can be thought of as the base of the entire operation, meaning that slow processors or unstable server connections can ultimately slow the operators down drastically.


  1. Communication: Operations centers, such as those designed by Constant Technologies, Inc., are rarely run by just one person. Chances are, you will be working alongside others to run the system. If you are working in a broadcast room for a sporting team, for example, run through practice scenarios with your team to improve communication and cooperation before the big game.
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