Month: April 2016

Choosing the Right Keyboard

Choosing the Right Keyboard

Computer users are no longer content to settle for the norm. They want peripherals devices that are geared towards their area of interest. In this regard, even a simple device like the keyboard is now available in many flavors.

Gamer keyboards – As the name suggests, these are meant especially for users who are heavily into gaming. These keyboards have an integrated LCD panel built-in, backlit keys, changeable number pads and programmable keys. These features are there to specifically target the needs of serious gamers.

Media keyboards – Although these have only a few tweaks added, they are nevertheless very useful to the right user. These keyboards often feature volume control and play/pause/stop/skip back/skip forward buttons. These are useful especially if the keyboard is wireless and the computer is connected to a TV. This way the user can sit on the bed/ couch and manipulate the media.

Ergonomic keyboards – These are beneficial for users who spend an extended amount of time in typing activities. These help to avoid problems such as RSS or CTS and also provide a better experience for the user. The keyboard is designed in such a way that it is conducive to the natural resting position of a user’s hands. In some cases the number pad is detachable for further ease of use.

Travel keyboards – These are designed to be small and lightweight. Sometimes they are foldable as well in order save space. Travelers appreciate this product because it is easier to lug around than a normal sized keyboard.