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How Artificial Intelligence Has Driven Manufacturing Companies to New Heights

How Artificial Intelligence Has Driven Manufacturing Companies to New Heights

Summary: The importance of implementing AI into manufacturing has significantly increased throughout the years.

Since the early 1900s, manufacturing has come a long, long way. From the unproven rows of worker drones to the industrial robot, signs of slowing down are unlikely to occur.

These creations didn’t come without a cost however. The early models of bots were only able to perform a single mindless task without any room for versatility. It wasn’t until the next stages of the automation breakthrough – the utilization of artificial intelligence – were these machines able to make logical decisions in real time.

Implementing Change

The fact that these real-time decisions were playing such a unique and significant role in society has only inspired others to continue this tradition and further enhance the AI system. This approach is becoming more and more prioritized as industries lean towards reducing costs but also keeping stock on an as-needed basis. Manufacturing companies and their supplies need to keep up with the high demand.

The Sky’s the Limit

Applying artificial intelligence to the manufacturing industry requires numerous technologies and process innovations. One of the most efficient forms of integration comes from the smart factory, which is basically a networked factory in which data from supply chains, production lines, and so on, are linked to an intelligent creation engine – forming a central station that processes each aspect of the factory. This has not only enhanced the way industries have been operating, but the rather, uncanny, use of artificial intelligence has propelled a variety of companies to new heights.


Look Out For Fake Online Shops

Look Out For Fake Online Shops

As the world shifts its shopping onto the Internet, the scammers that exist in the physical world are following them there. Plenty of fake websites have sprung up hoping to catch unsuspecting consumers and the sad fact is that the consumers are falling for it.

The primary way to avoid such bogus sites is to stick to the old adage “If it’s too good to be true, then it is”. If you are looking for the newest X-Box on the day before Christmas and you find a website that says they have lots in stock – it’s fake! Sometimes the scam works by offering unbelievably low prices on products. Again, if it’s unbelievable, it probably is.

But sometimes you just can’t figure it out, because the scam is pretty good. In these instances, just put good old Google to use. Let’s say the company’s name is ABC789 Inc. Just type in that name in Google and look at what turns up. Usually, if it is a company that has been in operation for a while, there will be many hits on the page. You will also run into many forums where users have commented on that company. From this information you can make an informed decision on what type of company it is and how reliable their products are.

As always, good research can always help you before you get into a sticky situation. Don’t be impetuous and impulsive when you make purchases online, because it might even get you into more trouble than losing your money or getting a bad product.

Why companies need ISO certification

Why companies need ISO certification

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Quality is what sets apart the wheat from the chaff; this is not only applicable to individuals but also to business organizations as a whole that need to stand out from stiff competition that is a given in almost every industry.

And if you belong to an organization that is looking to obtain an ISO certification, you can be sure that this will not only increase the productivity in the organization with the adequate training that is provided but will also increase efficiency thus contributing to the overall increase of the quality of product or service that the business organization offers. Thus, one can also expect increased profitability along with the reduction of costs involved with the company’s overheads as well.

CE certification takes into consideration the aspects of consumer health, safety or environmental requirements as set by European Directives on a case by case basis and is a mandatory conformity mark recognized by all countries associated with the European Economic Area. This is important in the situation where businesses would like to expand into Europe from their operating home base.

Similarly, the ISO 14000 certification which is applicable to businesses of any size, location and income, has put standards in place to help these business organizations to design and implement an effective environmental management system.

It is not hard to recognize that each of these certifications will directly or indirectly affect the overall quality of the product, and thus are equally important certifications for every company to obtain.

Keeping Tab with A Fleet GPS Tracking System In Place

Keeping Tab with A Fleet GPS Tracking System In Place

The current trend of having a fleet GPS tracking is fast catching up with almost all of the fleet managers. It is not only convenient to have a tracking system for the fleet but also safer. By taking the help of a fleet tracking system the worry and concern about the vehicles is totally taken out and the manager’s minds and they can concentrate on expanding their business rather than wasting their time worrying about the whereabouts of their company’s fleet of vehicles.

Many employees do think that installing a GPS tracking device in the vehicles is being done only to keep tabs on their activities and many of them even consider this as a huge question mark on their loyalty by the employers. But if the employee is actually doing his or her job properly there is no need to worry about the tracking device. It is only the trouble makers that should worry about the tracking device being fitted in to the vehicles that they drive.

Using real time GPS vehicle tracking is a very wise decision as the exact timings of the arrival and the departure of the vehicles can be predicted. In addition to this facility the vehicle can be continuously monitored for the speed limits and if in case the driver decides to exceed the permissible speed limit or veer off from the decided route then it is possible for the managers to contact the erring drivers and issue a warning. The safety benefits of installing a GPS tracking system cannot be stressed upon enough.