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How Programmers Fit In the Aviation Industry

How Programmers Fit In the Aviation Industry

Summary: The aviation industry hosts thousands of programmers that play a pivotal role in the overall efficiency of operations.

Programmers have solidified their place as vital members of the aviation industry.

Programming in a Versatile Setting

Now, software is required at nearly every level of aviation and airlines. For one, you have the air traffic control and remote control level of software that programmers need to continuously keep an eye on in terms of maintenance and efficiency. Additionally you have things like crew planning, equipment assignment, qualification maintenance, load planning, ACARS support, employee portal management, human resources, and much more. Larger companies tend to utilize ITs and programmers to create their software in-house, while others opt for companies that specialize in aviation software.

Whether it’s creating a program that calculates how many 28 volt battery pack systems there are coming and going through transit, or simply taking a backseat approach and catering to developing employee payment and time systems, there are endless opportunities present for today’s programmers.

For instance, say you’re conducting an inventory check to determine what products are coming in as opposed to other aviation maintenance equipment companies. By developing an automated in-house software that automatically deduces where these deliveries are coming from, the team can work in cohesion by leaving a “paper trail” in the case that pieces need to be returned or sent out for calibration.

The Bottom Line

The aviation industry provides a bountiful assortment of opportunities for both ITs and programmers. With technology playing a crucial role, programmers need to stay on top of the latest in both aviation protocols and computing.

Outsourcing with an EDI Service Bureau

Outsourcing with an EDI Service Bureau

When you need to outsource your EDI implementation, one of the better options is to use an EDI Service Bureau. Here are some of the features:

Translation and mapping of data

Organizations start using EDI to improve transactions with their suppliers and partners. In some situations, they do so because the partners insist on transactions using EDI. The EDI service bureau translates and maps the data to a format compatible with your existing applications. The system will map and translate outbound data to a format that your partners will accept. A bureau handles all of the data, label requirements, etc. your direct involvement will be minimal.

Format conversion

Once you sign up with a service bureau, the services are not limited to EDI communications. The bureau will translate and convert formats from one to another according to your requirements. Some web applications output XML data; the service will then translate this data into something that your applications will understand.


There are several methods of actually transporting the EDI data. When sending data to your company, the bureau will use a protocol agreed beforehand and will use the preferred format when sending to your trading partner.


A VAN is a Value Added Network. Some organizations use a third party VAN to store EDI communications that the service bureau will pick up. There are service bureau’s that operate their own VAN, which will interconnect with the VAN of your trading partners.

Keystroke Loggers and Their Advantages

Keystroke Loggers and Their Advantages

Keystroke loggers come in many forms and can be hardware of software based. They are designed to capture the keyboard input from a user key-for-key. Usually keystroke loggers are known more for their negative use than positive use.

Hackers often use various different implementations of keystroke loggers to capture personal details of a user. Through this they gain access to bank account details, passwords, etc. However, a good virus / malware scanner should be able to protect you from this type of threat.

The positive use of keystroke loggers is to ensure safety – in the workplace and at home. By using a logger on all your office machines you can track any information leaks that take place. Employees may be knowingly or unknowingly revealing sensitive information to customers and a logger will help you identify that. It can also help you monitor any unwanted browsing activities. Productivity can be lessened by time wasted at social networking sites, mini games sites or worse at pornographic sites. By using a logger, you can keep a tight control on your internet access policies.

The same can be done at home. This time it is to protect your children. Although it may seem like an invasion of privacy, knowing exactly what your children are doing online can help prevent unfortunate incidents taking place. There are many predators out there on the net and taking precautions against it will be prudent. By monitoring and blocking inappropriate websites, you will be protecting your child from harm.

Is Your Software Developer Performing Efficiently?

Is Your Software Developer Performing Efficiently?

There is a plethora of companies offering to do your software programming for you, but you must never jump into a deal right away. Your outsourced software programming and development projects must be put in the hands of skilled professionals who can deliver according to expectations. Many a software programming firm asks good money for very poor work done. Avoid getting yourself into this trap by judging the company and studying their work quality and ethics.

Below are some tips: First, if their rates are too good to be true, you have every right to question the quality of work that’s done. In attempts to save on capital, many businesses are flattered by extremely cheap prices, only to find themselves mad with disappointment and frustration at wasted money, time and effort. A software programming company may ask for little money because they make be lacking the skills and credentials to complete your job for you. Other companies may use their low rates as part of their marketing campaign. The truth is, however, that they will only give you whatever you paid for. Scout and check competing prices for variation. Next, look into their commitment.

A bad software programming company will do the job for you and deliver, with no follow-up care after. You will want to choose a company which works in close collaboration with you to make sure the software is developed exactly how you’d like it to be. Bad customer service is a very clear sign you must not at all costs, sign up with a company. When you entrust your software to a company, you trust that they will be able to provide you with constant feedback on progress. As such, you also trust that they will have a support group ready to cater to your needs even after the software project has been completed. If your prospective programming company does not show signs of stable customer support, save yourself from a huge headache and scout for other companies.

Hiring an IT person

Hiring an IT person

For most people, learning technology is just as tough as learning Greek or Latin while most companies also think that their technology requirements are uniquely complicated and the computer support orange county needs to take a similar approach. Even though one part of it is indeed true, the core technology used is the same for every organization except for a few tweaks here and there that can be easily taken care, so that the business can begin to function smoothly as soon as possible.

IT companies offer computer and customer support to their clients who require professionals with technical expertise in these areas. Even though it does cost a lot to maintain a large in-house team, the IT solutions provided by these companies also ensure that the costs are not too much either.

Interestingly, if one had to look for an organization that can provide technical assistance, one should review their previous track record and the kind of clients they have had to find out whether this organization is suited to your needs.

Whether you are just starting up or intend to switch from a previous IT solutions provider, it is important that you find IT support that fully understands the specifics of the business while also providing support that would turn out to be economical in the long run.
And in leaving technical support to the experts, you can then focus on areas of your business that need your attention.

Computer Maintenance Guidelines

Computer Maintenance Guidelines

Computers, just like cars and other mechanical devices, need to have maintenance performed on them regularly. However, this article does not deal with the hardware maintenance, but rather the software side of maintenance, which is often forgotten.

Software, as most people do not realize, also needs to be kept in order. More often than not, the software that you get contains a few undiscovered bugs, some unpolished corners and even some loopholes in the code that allow hackers to exploit them. These can be fixed by installing software updates. In the past, the prevalent method involved manually checking for, downloading and installing the updates. Now, most software vendors have taken to the automatic delivery of software updates. This generally happens through the application you purchased, which is put into effect the moment you register. Whenever you see an alert for a software update, make sure you install it as quickly as possible. This is especially important in the case of operating systems, virus scanners and firewall updates.

Other than this, you can take some steps to make sure your data is protected as well. Make data backups a part of your schedule. Once a week or in two weeks is an acceptable frequency. You should also scan your hard drives for viruses regularly, once a day if possible. Hackers are always finding new ways to infiltrate systems so it is better to be safe than sorry. One other thing you can do to stay safe is to change your password whenever you can. This helps keep any unwanted characters from getting into your system and stealing valuable data.

The best way to keep track of all these tasks is to make a schedule with a checklist and stick to it religiously. This will ensure that your computer stays in good working order for a long time.

Ubuntu – an Alternative for Businesses

Ubuntu – an Alternative for Businesses

There is no doubt that Microsoft Windows is the most dominant operating system in the world today. As a result of this most people are reluctant to move to another option for various reasons (e.g. familiarity). But there is an alternative that everyone should explore, whether it is a home user or a business, and that is Ubuntu Linux.

Ubuntu is an extremely improved version of Debian. It provides users with a very Windows-like feel and works well with older hardware. The best feature of Ubuntu is that it is free. You don’t have to pay a single cent for it. Upgrades that come out from time to time are also released free and all you have to do is download it. For your work needs, you can download which is also free. This suite of applications includes all the familiar apps you would find in the MS Office suite. They look remarkably similar so it is easy for people to adapt to it.

Ubuntu come with a firewall which you can activate to protect yourself from malicious persons on the internet. It does not come with an anti-virus program though. This is because Linux based systems are not threatened by viruses and therefore have no need of programs like that.

So far, all of this represents a saving of over $600 in software related costs. Add to this that there is a whole host of open source software that can be download and used on Ubuntu and you being to see why using this OS makes sense for businesses. Buying one hundred new computers for the office suddenly does not seem so expensive when licensing fees no longer play a role in those decisions.