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The technology behind goalkeeper gloves

The technology behind goalkeeper gloves

Summary: Just like other aspects of the sport, soccer goalkeeper gloves have their share of modern technology. The fingertips, flexibility, impact absorption, finger protection, and thumb flexibility are just a few of those areas.

Soccer is one of many sports that sees improvements to almost every aspect of the game through technology, without changing the actual rules or standard of the game. In soccer, there are dramatic improvements in players clothing, shoes, and training. Goalkeeper gloves also see dramatic improvements thanks to advances in fabric and material technology. Here are some examples of how the goalkeeper’s gloves improved over time:


Using modern materials, manufacturers use expanded fingertips to improve the latex-to-ball ratio. Doing so increases the contact area and provides better control of the ball for the goalkeeper.


One of the key limitations of a glove is the lack of flexibility. Modern gloves use inserts that provide improvements in flexibility in all four directions without compromising the durability and protection of the glove.


When a goalkeeper defends against a strike, there is a lot of impact that the glove/hand has to absorb. New gloves use advanced protection to provide more safety while giving as much impact absorption as possible.

Finger protection

One of the biggest areas of injury risk is the fingers. A lot of effort and attention has gone into improving finger protection in modern gloves. Using inserts that adapt to the shape of the fingers, the player can still maintain flexibility while making it impossible for the fingers to bend backward.


A lot of work goes into improving the protection of the thumb. It is the one area that does not have other supporting elements to prevent injury. Inserts protect the thumb as much as possible while the seam between the thumb and index fingers providing flexibility.

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