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Finding Cheap Toner Cartridges

Finding Cheap Toner Cartridges

So where is the best place to find cheap toner cartridges? The answer is Ebay and Amazon. However if you are looking for the original OEM cartridges, these are usually more expensive and sometimes the best place is to buy in major retailers when they have sales, such as Costco, BestBuy and Target.  The cartridges on Ebay and Amazon are cheap when you buy 3rd party compatible or refilled or re-manufactured cartridges which most often work just as good, but sometimes they may be defective.

Your best bet is to buy in lots of 3 or more, so just in case one is defective, you would not be without a cartridge and usually these retailers will refund your money on defective ones without you having to send it back, because its just not worth that much to them to do that.

Where does one look for product parts and accessories in case something goes wrong or in the case of the Samsung TV stand that you absolutely cannot do without. While sales and service is an important strategy of any top notch multinational company, sometimes the latter is not necessarily a situation that a customer finds difficult to navigate through.

And then there are essential components such as the Toner Cartridges without which organizations can lose hours of productivity to that might not sit well with investors, senior management and the like, when the reports indicating unaccounted time are sent to them.

A common issue with entertainment products such as a television is with needing a replacement for a component known as the Samsung DLP Color Wheel. Quick fixes are not advisable but a thorough inspection of your set by a professional with an authentic replacement of the part that is not working. Finally, you can also get an extra Samsung Camcorder Battery or as a replacement for your camcorder within days especially if ‘shooting’ is just more than a hobby.

Even though products protect the customer’s rights by issuing warranties, one never knows when ‘disaster’ strikes (to put it dramatically), and so to prepare for the situation such as this, one can find plenty of online stores where they can find parts and accessories that will help them use the product to the best of its potential.


Ubuntu – an Alternative for Businesses

Ubuntu – an Alternative for Businesses

There is no doubt that Microsoft Windows is the most dominant operating system in the world today. As a result of this most people are reluctant to move to another option for various reasons (e.g. familiarity). But there is an alternative that everyone should explore, whether it is a home user or a business, and that is Ubuntu Linux.

Ubuntu is an extremely improved version of Debian. It provides users with a very Windows-like feel and works well with older hardware. The best feature of Ubuntu is that it is free. You don’t have to pay a single cent for it. Upgrades that come out from time to time are also released free and all you have to do is download it. For your work needs, you can download which is also free. This suite of applications includes all the familiar apps you would find in the MS Office suite. They look remarkably similar so it is easy for people to adapt to it.

Ubuntu come with a firewall which you can activate to protect yourself from malicious persons on the internet. It does not come with an anti-virus program though. This is because Linux based systems are not threatened by viruses and therefore have no need of programs like that.

So far, all of this represents a saving of over $600 in software related costs. Add to this that there is a whole host of open source software that can be download and used on Ubuntu and you being to see why using this OS makes sense for businesses. Buying one hundred new computers for the office suddenly does not seem so expensive when licensing fees no longer play a role in those decisions.

35mm Slide Scanners

35mm Slide Scanners

Imagine yourself purchasing a direct-to-home television package that is digital but using a television from the eighties (provided they’re still around that is) to view your favorite programs with. Sounds kind of odd… doesn’t it?

It’s really the same thing if one uses a professional camera with film to take photos but cannot save them for those moments of nostalgia much later on in life that can be so easily solved by purchasing a photo slide scanner.

Even though a lot of people use digital cameras today, still photography still has a soft corner for photography with the good old film as it tends to add a more realistic touch to the photographs taken. Many professional and budding amateur photographers seem to think this way, and while they do have ‘film stock’ in the truer sense of the word, it does not mean that storing them digitally isn’t a priority and tor this, 35mm slide scanners are available so that one can do just that.

In another scenario, when it comes to converting photographs taken on film digitally, most professional photographers use the services of a professional digital film scanner owned by an organization that convert these photographs to their digital equivalent for exorbitant fees.

Truth be told, this works out to be expensive, so it only bodes well for photographers to get their machine that will work out to be inexpensive in the long run.

How fleet GPS tracking is useful

How fleet GPS tracking is useful

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Apart from the cell phone GPS tracking units that are really popular in the market, thanks to this service being offered by several communications services these days, it does not stop with personal use.

There are a wide range of commercial applications that are involved in using the global positioning system that the United States military has opened up for public use after using it for many years as a primary part of their navigation systems.

The number of satellites that are used in vehicle tracking GPS or for that matter with any GPS application are 27, where 24 are in constant use while three remaining satellites are in standby mode just in case there is a failure.

Since GPS can track any object (which has a GPS receiver attached to it) this service comes in handy especially in the transport industry where time is of the essence when it comes to delivering packages, goods and so on and so forth. Also known as fleet GPS tracking, several vehicles can be tracked when in motion to see if they are on time with the delivery that has been scheduled.

Not only does this ensure that employees aren’t fooling around and can hold them responsible for failure to complete the task at hand but can also be used to plan routes when the distance that needs to be travelled is a long one.


What You Need to Know about the SuperSpeed USB

What You Need to Know about the SuperSpeed USB

The SuperSpeed USB, otherwise known as the USB 3.0 is the newest upgrade for the Universal Serial Bus which was developed in 1996 by 7 major IT companies which was led by Intel. This device was made to eliminate the hassle of connecting to a computer via a peripheral device. As of 2009, the USB 2.0 version has become the most sellable and important device which has sold about 6 billion units.

But because of the increasing demand for faster file transfer and data communication, people are not contented by a transfer rate of almost 200 mbps, which is why in 2007, Intel developed a prototype of the USB 3.0 and showcased it on one of their forums (Intel Developer Forum). The following year, the SuperSpeed USB Version 1.0, and its complete specifications were finalized. After the finalization, the USB-IF (USB Implementers Forum) has released all the technical documents needed for the players of the IT market to adapt to the specifications of the USB 3.0. Some of the key features of the USB 3.0 include a faster transfer rate if up to 4.8 gigabytes per second, an amplified current draw to devices to be able to house power-hungry peripherals, and an amplified bus power (at maximum).

Aside from these features, the SuperSpeed USB also has new features for its power management and it supports new types of transfers and can also accommodate full-duplex data transmission.Finally, the key feature of the USB 3.0 is its backward compatibility with the USB 2.0 with the use of new connectors and host adapters.

Bluetooth 4.0 on the Way

Bluetooth 4.0 on the Way

Bluetooth was revolutionary when it appeared and it still is a very useful medium to transfer data. Unfortunately, it had a huge power consumption problem. Keeping a Bluetooth device on, especially when a battery is involved, is a no-no. Therefore it has not been used as much as it could have been.

Now, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group has announced that the new and improved Bluetooth 4.0 is ready for release. While it has a few improvements over its predecessor, its most significant improvement is its low power usage when transmitting over short distances. This feature alone could bring Bluetooth into the mass market in ways never seen before.

By the end of the year, you could encounter Bluetooth enable watches, pedometers, smart meters etc., basically anything that runs off of a coin cell battery. That’s right, a coin cell battery; that is how efficient they have made this release. Unlike Wi-Fi, which requires a continuous connection, Bluetooth only needs connect to another device based on the requirement. Hence its low requirement of power.

The technology took its time in coming though. Apple and Nike have been using similar proprietary technology for a while now, to transmit data from Nike shoes to the iPod. Even Vision Max 3D glasses from Monster, uses a low power technology to maintain its connection with the TV. Bluetooth 4.0, however, has the potential to be very big. With over 13,000 member companies in the Bluetooth SIG (Intel, Nokia, etc), you can be sure that we will be awash in a blue flood before long.

Best Deals on Toner Cartridges are online

Best Deals on Toner Cartridges are online

Replacement parts have always been a life-saver for those whose equipment has failed, or for the types who love to have back up for the electronics items that they use on a regular basis. Take for example, in keeping Samsung toner cartridge readily available when the ink for the printer runs out this can be a very good idea as this keeps those productivity levels at the same pace, especially in an office setting.

The same goes for products that are usually bought for the home without which it will be difficult to manage to cope with your day-to-day needs, such as the Samsung refrigerator filter. Parts like refrigerator water filters, motor fans, temperature sensors, ice trays, shelves and water valves need to be replaced over a period of time due to consistent wear and tear.

Since television sets also succumb to wear and tear as well, replacement lamps are also an important part to consider without which the television will not operate. Since there are several television lamps that are manufactured and are used for specific televisions, it is important to find the right replacement lamp for your television by removing the lamp from your television and checking the code on it. Take for example, the model BP96-01472A that can be used for a range of televisions, produced by Samsung.

One way or another, one should be cognizant of the fact that replacement parts are an integral part to the smooth functioning of any device, and so, it is important to constantly keep track of ways by which one can purchase them at the earliest if something goes wrong.

Is ISO certification important?

Is ISO certification important?

Almost any organization knows that in order to keep its customers happy, and to make to it to the top of the heap in their industry, quality is paramount to getting there. And so, in order to be compliant to the highest quality standards and to provide their customers assurance that their products or services are of the highest quality, they often resort to obtaining an ISO certification, after which they are free to declare publicly that they are ‘ISO certified’, almost always resulting in more sales and profits.

However, it does not end here as with globalization being a major focus of most organizations these days, there are other standards of quality just like the CE certification mark that will authorize any product to be sold in the European Economic Area as it has met the stringent safety, health or environmental requirements.

While these two certifications focus on the quality of a product or service, there is another quality standard that focuses on environmental management. Also known as the ISO 14000, this type of certification monitors an organization’s systems put in place so that the ‘environment’ is not disturbed or harmed by exploitation that may occur due to the global emphasis that the nations around the world are now placing on the ‘go green’ factor.

So, as an organization, it is obvious that you will stand to gain from these quality systems not only in terms of improving productivity but also increasing profits the right way.

Looking for network support Orange County?

Looking for network support Orange County?

There are several IT companies in Los Angeles that offer their expertise to firms that either have their own in-house of team of IT professionals as well as startups that are looking to hire the services of an entire team so that they can hit the ground running.

Most of these organizations cater to large and small firms in need of their services by taking the number of PCs and the wide range of services that is required by the firm itself. Whether it is Orange County IT support among a plethora of other services, one big difference maker between the wheat and the chaff is how the systems put into place is able to evolve along with the changes that each of their client’s business undergoes.

Now there also exists another type of client who not being happy with the network support orange county services provided earlier decides to switch to another IT service provider. Since they already have experience, the problem is that this time around they can be harder to please as well as they might have several questions about whether the ‘new’ IT service provider will be able to meet their business needs as a lesson from the previous provider.

So, in order to service clients carefully, it is important that companies that offer outsourced IT support understand the needs of the client, while also being able to tweak their support just in line with what the client needs.

Nifty Chrome Extensions

Nifty Chrome Extensions

As one of the fastest browsers around, Chrome has become the browser of choice for many. Its only downside was that it did not have room for plugins or extensions like Mozilla Firefox did. But all that changed when Google introduced Extensions for Chrome. Now users can install all sorts of extensions to Chrome and increase its functionality. Here are a few that that work with some of Google’s services.

“Select to get maps” – This is a very handy tool that works with Google Maps. If you are looking at an address online, all you have to do is highlight the address and right-click on it. A small context menu will pop up with the options “Show on map” and “Get directions to here”, making it easier for you to interact with Maps.

“Check for new Google Voice messages” – Eliminates the need to check email for message notifications. Apart from alerting you to any pending messages, it also enables you to make outgoing calls and SMS as well.

“Google Mail Checker” – Similar to the previous extension, this one lets you know how many unread messages you have in your inbox. Simply clicking on it will take you to your Gmail inbox.

“Send from Gmail” – Creates a new message window in Gmail containing a link to the page you are currently on. This makes it easier to share links to websites via email. It also identifies “mailto” tags and opens Gmail if you click on one.

“Google Calendar checker” – Keeps you informed of pending appointments. It maintains a countdown showing you how long you have left for the appointment. It will also take you to your Google Calendar with a single click.