Nifty Chrome Extensions

Nifty Chrome Extensions

As one of the fastest browsers around, Chrome has become the browser of choice for many. Its only downside was that it did not have room for plugins or extensions like Mozilla Firefox did. But all that changed when Google introduced Extensions for Chrome. Now users can install all sorts of extensions to Chrome and increase its functionality. Here are a few that that work with some of Google’s services.

“Select to get maps” – This is a very handy tool that works with Google Maps. If you are looking at an address online, all you have to do is highlight the address and right-click on it. A small context menu will pop up with the options “Show on map” and “Get directions to here”, making it easier for you to interact with Maps.

“Check for new Google Voice messages” – Eliminates the need to check email for message notifications. Apart from alerting you to any pending messages, it also enables you to make outgoing calls and SMS as well.

“Google Mail Checker” – Similar to the previous extension, this one lets you know how many unread messages you have in your inbox. Simply clicking on it will take you to your Gmail inbox.

“Send from Gmail” – Creates a new message window in Gmail containing a link to the page you are currently on. This makes it easier to share links to websites via email. It also identifies “mailto” tags and opens Gmail if you click on one.

“Google Calendar checker” – Keeps you informed of pending appointments. It maintains a countdown showing you how long you have left for the appointment. It will also take you to your Google Calendar with a single click.

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